This 7-day meal plan is packed with foods that assist in building and supporting a strong immune system.  You'll enjoy incredibly nutritious smoothies, power-packed salads, and more.  The construct of the challenge will also serve as a mild detox for your body and can be completed with or without the recommended supplements.  If you have participated in any of my challenges before, you know how we roll.  For those of you who have not, here's what you'll get:

1. Early access to the TRG app to access your grocery list and meal plan.
2. A full 7-day meal plan which includes easy meal prep instructions and recipes for all of the food in the plan.
3. An awesome network of support through our facebook group where we post comments, ask questions, and support one another through the 7-days. 

The challenge officially begins February 6th and ends February 12th.  The cost to participate is $30 without the detox supplements and $60 with supplements & shipping.  


Supercharge Your Immune System! 

7-Day Wellness Reboot 

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