I ask that you walk through the door for each of your sessions ready to throw down.  You will sweat.  You will  lift, You will throw punches and even flip and slam things.  We might not be besties during your session, but whatevs.  I'm ok with that becauuuussssseee.........RESULTS!

I want you to love and trust your body no matter how far you are from your  ultimate goal.  The more you learn to love what you see while working on that goal, the better your relationship will be with the process.  Negative self talk during your session gets you extra burpees or duct tape.  Your choice toots!

Speaking of the process!  Sustainable and maintainable results take time.  Mother nature says it takes approximately 37-42 weeks to completely form a human body.  So, cut yourself some slack and grant yourself at least that amount of time to carve out a new one,   Mmmkay? 

Fitness Coaching Designed To Make You Rethink That Doughnut.  


Every trainer has their own style.   I don't believe that any training style should be labeled as right or wrong. Well, maybe a few should, but the principles of exercise science are pretty standard across the board.  It's the creativity and extent of knowledge behind the training that makes the difference. Ultimately, it's all about finding the training style and trainer that best suits you and gets you to your end goal. 

As your fitness coach, I incorporate everything that I am and all that I continuously learn into my sessions with you in order to help you reach your goals. My approach and training concepts are grounded in a solid commitment to helping my clients attain and maintain functional strength, muscle development, weight management, and confidence in their ability to perform at their best.  These are the most common desires that I encounter during a consultation.  

The most important thing you should know about me as a trainer is that I am just that, a personal trainer with a few well-studied specializations.  I'm not a group instructor who hosts classes, TRG isn't a cross-fit gym, and I don't make up exercises to torture you with when you walk through the door.  My training is based on more than just simply moving to lose weight.  It's based on biomechanics and intentional progressions set in place to produce your desired outcome. 

Although I don't typically train athletes as I am NOT an athletic trainer by definition, I use my knowledge as NASM certified performance enhancement specialist to train my clients like athletes. By prioritizing functional strength, my clients are able to experience the relation between how their performance in the gym can translate to their daily activities, thus improving the movement patterns encountered from day to day. I understand how cool social media can make workouts look and trust me we will have some fun. But as my client, I need you to understand that what's trending does not always equal great training.

I like to talk trash to get you and me through your workouts.  Feel free to talk trash as well, but If you don't like to laugh and have fun don't hit the consult button. IJS! I'm pretty charming....

Each of your training sessions will require you to bring your A-Game for a full 30 minutes.  Sometimes we go over just because I like torturing people.  Consider yourself warned!

I'm pretty chill, so even if you think I'm not watching I'm taking note of your form, signs of stress, any muscle imbalances/development, etc. Your progress means success.  So just do you, and I'll do me!  I got you.

"I teach my clients to eventually become independent of me. Great fitness coaching arms you with tools you can use for a lifetime, so that you can truly LIVE the best times of your life."

What You Can Expect 

- Miki A. 

I went from a size 12/14 to now being a size 8/10.  I was 200lbs. and now I'm 165lbs. and more confident every single day.  I'm not going to lie, I don't always want to go, but during those times she keeps me motivated with her Facebook posts and just showing me my progress through pictures.

When I first started I couldn't run one lap without feeling like my chest was going to explode.  Now, I literally get lost in the run on the treadmill. I no longer have back pain either. 


Life coach, Chicago cred 

Darron randle

I met Farrah through my fiance.  I am a former college basketball player and was always in tip-top shape.  However, I began to gain that relationship weight and couldn't get it off.  Well after a very detailed consultation and personal interview with Farrah, she developed a plan based on my self-identified wants.  I can only say that I was extremely impressed with the results.  It took me only 3 months to see a visible difference.  My friends kept asking me what I was doing to not only lose weight but gain body definition.  I said "Call Farrah".  I've referred many of my friends and associates to her.  She is well worth the investment in yourself. 



Ellen E. 

Farrah is an amazing trainer!  I started  training with Farrah about a year ago, and I'm pleased with the results and the experience.  Farrah is friendly and professional, but tough.  She is extremely encouraging and she pushes me to achieve the goals we've set.  The workouts are always different and I look forward to each session.  Farrah is very personable and a well rounded person and trainer. 


research analyst, ccso  

Yolonda williams-harmom

Farrah has been a game changer in my fitness journey.  Since working with her I've learned so much on the importance of clean eating and how it goes hand in hand with the physical training component.  My body has significantly transformed while training with her.  Farrah is passionate about her craft and demands nothing less than your best from each workout.  You give her that and she'll give you your results. 


2-day weekly personal training client 

Sherrie Lynn M. 

After having my third child, I never thought I was going to get my body back and if I did, it was going to take forever.  Since working our with Farrah for the last 12 weeks,  I'm feeling and seeing my old self again.  This time it's even better!

Ok, ok! We all know that the proof is in the pudding.  Now, I didn't tell you to eat pudding, but check out the results from just a few of  my clients. 

What My Clients Are Saying


So what are you waiting for? You can be 5-10 pounds lighter in the next 30-days or you can stay the same.   Why not invest in yourself?

Are you ready?