My most passionate moments in speaking have been while being interviewed on the subjects of nutrition, tackling the roadblocks to exercise, and optimizing functional movement for your everyday activities.  There are so many communities afflicted by the lack of knowledge as it pertains to health and wellness.  I work hard to relay the message that a healthy and great looking body is attainable for everyone. 

My own  journey has not been an easy one by any means. Therefore, my second most passionate topic of discussion centers around understanding the importance of a healthy mindset.  Exercise offers so much more than just physical benefits and I am emphatic about sharing my experience to encourage others.

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After overcoming a series of personal challenges, Farrah was inspired to influence others by facilitating their exposure and access to the many healing benefits of exercise that extend beyond the aesthetic value.
She holds a two-year degree in business management accompanied by over twenty years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. 

Throughout her seven-year career in the fitness industry, Farrah has acquired certification in several specializations to include corrective exercise, sports performance, and fitness nutrition.  Before opening her own W/MBE certified fitness studio in the summer of 2019, she served as the fitness director at a south suburban park district for three years.

She's recently published what she calls her journey cookbook cleverly named What The Kale.  The book provides a glimpse into her story of overcoming, while serving as an added resource for motivating her clients and guiding  readers down the path of clean eating. With retirement from cosmetology on the horizon, her latest addition to the brand is Arete by TRG, an online beauty boutique that meets the ongoing haircare and personal care needs of her beloved clients,

Farrah Felice Bledsoe is the sole owner and founder of The Remedy Group. Prior to the launch of her personal training career, she worked as an award-winning cosmetologist and salon owner for 20 years. 

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-A.C. Green 

I've also watched her perform what I believe to be a miracle with her twin boys in caring for them from the time of their premature birth.  Farrah is an example of what the personification of a woman is. 

Farrah is an incredible woman blessed with patience and virtue. She loves and cares for human beings.  She is multi-talented and I've watched her go from being a great stylist to a phenomenal personal trainer. 

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