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If you're ready to dive into your workouts and need minimal guidance with your nutrition habits then FLEX is for you.  FLEX is a fully customized program designed specifically for you and your goals.  All online training programs include a basic meal planning template and guide with a few recipes.  Your assessments and progress are tracked by me within your dashboard.  Based on your needs and goals, I create additional things like habit tracking for tasks such as increasing water intake or taking more steps per day.  Just remember, the program only works if you work it boo!

Fitness Focused Plans 

These plans primarily address the nutritional aspect of weight loss for those who are ready to ditch dieting and explore the concept of simply eating clean. My plans do not promote the complete elimination or preference of any one food group over another. 

First you'll choose the duration of the plan you'd like to purchase. 

Second. you'll take a brief online assessment by filling out a few forms for me.

Last, I will contact you to discuss the customization of your plan based on your goals and a few other factors.

Tell me if you had any difficulty performing an exercise or need a modification by leaving a note or sending as SMS.

Upload progress photos that only you and I will see.  This allows me to make sure we're moving in the right direction with your training. 

View any forms or coaching documents I've uploaded to your dashboard that are important for your training program. 

Once you've finalized your decision to take on an online training program, I set up a phone consultation to discuss your goals.  After we establish the proper path to your future awesomeness, I get busy creating your program based on the information I've gathered about your health and fitness history. 

How FLEX Online Coaching Works


What you get...
- Full phone consultation and personal dashboard in the app
- Workouts scheduled when you want them 
- Weekly accountability check-ins
- Ability to access your plan anywhere  
- Ability to log in and track your progress 
- Videos for every exercise assigned in your program 

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...

Bonus #1: Meal planning assistance(varies per plan)
Bonus #2: Unlimited access to me for all questions!

You're still not completely comfortable coming into a gym environment due to COVID,  your schedule prevents you from coming in for sessions, or you're not located in the Chicagoland area.

This is for You If

Still giving online coaching the side eye? Keep reading! 

Help you create a better relationship with whole foods and not potato chips, ok?!

Give you more energy to tackle the daily tasks that seem to drain you like Thanos did the Avengers in Endgame. 

Kick start your weight loss journey without HAVING to workout.  You'll have to eventually though! LOL! No seriously, you'll have to. 


All macronutrients are important to how your body functions.

My plans guide you on a path to enjoying the process of choosing, preparing, and loving nutrient dense foods that keep you on track with your weight loss goals. 

Nutrition Focused Plans 

- sylvia hondras 

The plan provides a grocery list, menus, instructions on how to put the meals together and the best conversations in the group EVER when the challenge runs live.  Oh, and losing a few pounds is just the bonus!

Most people think clean eating means bland, boring food - not with The Remedy's 28-Day Clean Eating Challenge!  This plan has my taste buds dancing! 

Purchase the 28-day clean eating challenge!

How to create consistent lifestyle & nutrition habits that are sustainable. 


Four weeks of guided and well outlined meal planning.  Clean eating plans delivered to your own personal dashboard and portal in the app to track your progress, three days of conditioning workouts, alerts for habit tracking throughout the 28-days. 

The Challenge Includes

How to prepare healthy food that's good and good for you.  

How to pay attention to your body's response to certain foods. 

- Phylicia Samuel 

It was great to see how she opened my mind about recipes and combinations of ingredients I would have probably never tried.  They were genius!  The best part was the increased energy I noticed due to the quality of the food I was eating.  This led to better workouts which stemmed from better timing of my meals and snacks throughout the day.  I still reference back to many of the recipes I learned and would recommend the challenge to anyone looking ot make a positive change. 

I have participated in the 28-Day Clean Eating Challenge twice now and I feel like I have learned something new from Farrah and about myself each week of the challenge. The recipes were always creative, yet simple to make and sooooo delicious. 

Ok, Let's Do This!

So what are you waiting for? The only way to get the results is to start doing the work.  Sure, you could take a pill or drink teas, but are those long term sustainable habits?  Nah, I didn't think so.  Push the button so we can chat...

Are you ready?

In-person fitness coaching is not inclusive of nutritional coaching. However, all of my online coaching programs are comprised of a meal plan. Realistically, not every single client will require nutritional guidance, but most need some form of redirection. I am always willing to offer some verbal assistance or advice at no additional charge to my in-person clientele, but an individualized nutrition plan is need-based and priced accordingly.

Do All of your training plans include nutritional guidance or meal plans?

If no one understands the value of time these days, I most certainly do! Most people don’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym.  I can definitely relate to that, so I wanted to design my workouts with that in mind. Extensive studies have shown that short bouts of intense exercise are just as effective - if not more effective- than longer ones. It's all about the energy you're willing to exert. Trust me, my workouts don’t lack in intensity or effectiveness by any means. You WILL work just as hard, if not harder, in a shorter period of time.  Online programming is designed to be completed in the same approximate 30-minute time frame.

Why are your workouts only 30 minutes long?

Absolutely NOT! I don’t design my programs specific to any group or gender. Everything I design for an individual is based on his or her goals and needs. While my area of expertise is strengthening and conditioning, followed up by nutrition and weight loss, I am well-equipped to provide fitness coaching for a wide range of individuals.   

Are your programs only designed for women?

Your initial consultation consists of a conversation in which we discuss your goals, any physical limitations, health concerns, current eating habits, and exercise history. From that point, I will perform a brief body assessment (if in-person) to serve as a basis for designing your program as well as measuring your progress within the program. We will then proceed to the exercise portion in which I analyze your cardiovascular endurance, upper body strength, lower body strength, and core strength.  

what can i expect during my consultation?

Wondering what goes down with my in-person and online training?  Hopefully, this helps!

Frequently Asked Questions

When purchasing FLEX, there will be a few forms in your dashboard awaiting your completion.  I will be in touch with you within 24 hours to review the forms and complete your consultation. 

A couple of things to note 


Choose from 30, 60, or 90-day totally customized plans.  You choose your FLEX performance frequency and your program will be designed accordingly. 

and up 





Also known as CEC, this challenge takes you on four-week guided tour for learning the deliciously good basics of clean eating.  Get your taste buds ready!

Spring menu available 



28-Day Clean Eating Challenge


The detox is derived from the first seven days of the clean eating challenge.  Clients see the most weight loss during this week.

New menu available 



7-Day detox remix 

Now it's time to decide.  I've narrowed down a few of the online program options most frequently purchased by clients.  Each option automatically plugs you in to your own dashboard and the process of customization will begin if applicable. 

Alright already!

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