- Roshaunta lewis

It was well written, clever, and creative!  I'm a book worm to my core, and it was so refreshing and detoxing.  The messages were so universal, yet personal.   Well done Farrah Bledsoe!

- will brown 

I love how each chapter tells a story that fits the name of the chapter and coincides with the recipes that go with it.  To anyone looking to transform their life, I say use this book as a tool to help you understand what it is that you need for yourself.  i love how Farrah stresses the importance of doing whats best for you.  

This book is refreshing, heartwarming, and inspiring. It helps you to understand and accept that its ok to be imperfect and different.  We all fall short and make mistakes, but it's how we deal with those situations that make us who we are.

- Phylicia Samuel 

It was great to see how she opened my mind about recipes and combinations of ingredients I would have probably never tried.  They were genius!  The best part was the increased energy I noticed due to the quality of the food I was eating.  This led to better workouts which stemmed from better timing of my meals and snacks throughout the day.  I still reference back to many of the recipes I learned and would recommend the challenge to anyone looking ot make a positive change. 

I have participated in the 28-Day Clean Eating Challenge twice now and I feel like I have learned something new from Farrah and about myself each week of the challenge. The recipes were always creative, yet simple to make and sooooo delicious.