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  • 7-day weight loss plan 
  • Drop 5-10lbs quickly
  • Rid your body of excess waste
  • Improve your endurance & gain more energy 
  • 28-Day weight loss program (continuation of DETOX)
  • Lose up to 20 lbs. 
  • Learn the most important basics of clean eating
  • Learn HOW to exercise to get results 
  • 30, 60, or 90-day customizable weight loss program
  • Further your results from DETOX, CEC, or just begin here 
  • Create consistent exercise & nutrition habits
  • Develop knowledge to improve & maintain strength, endurance, and muscle tone 

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In 30 days, you could be a few pounds heavier or 10lbs. lighter and more energetic!

Fitness Focused Plans

Fitness coaching that makes both nutrition and exercise priority.

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Need to fit into that dress by next week ladies, kick-start your shredding fellas, or just don’t want to commit to a full 28-day program yet?  DETOX is a short, yet amazingly effective nutrition plan that includes 7 days of outlined meals designed to rid your body of waste.  See testimonial.  It is the precursor to The Remedy PT’s flagship program – CEC.  Access your grocery list, complete seven-day meal plan, recipes, and meal prep instructions. The DETOX includes three workouts focused on cardio & conditioning to help you shed the pounds.  I guarantee it will work if you work! – Sign up today-$25


This program includes the most up-to-date meal plan from The Remedy PT’s most popular challenge, the 28-Day Clean Eating Challenge, which formed the foundation for my flagship weight loss program known as CEC.  CEC is the complete followup to DETOX, which is actually the first 7 days of the 28-day meal plan.  If you loved the results you got in 7 days, imagine what a full 28-days can produce.  If you begin CEC immediately following DETOX you can complete the additional detox week included or dive into week two of CEC. Note: The menu and recipes for the detox week are different from the DETOX program.  If followed as outlined, the plan can help you shed up to 20 lbs. in just  28-days. START CEC TODAY!  – $150


FLEX is the customizable plan designed to give you flexibility in meal planning and specific performance modifications that match your personal goals, body type, and fitness level.  Begin here or graduate into this longer-term program after DETOX and/or CEC.  It’s like having your personal trainer -YUP THAT’S ME- with you wherever you go.  START FLEX TODAY! – $150 – $450 

Nutrition Focused Plans

Extensive meal plans with minimal exercise guidance.

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28-Day Summer Clean Eating Challenge (2018)

Full meal plan with weekly grocery lists, recipes, meal prep instructions w/some recommended exercise guidance.  Regular check-ins, reminders and informational interaction is included-$65

28-Day Winter Clean Eating Challenge (2019)

Full meal plan with weekly grocery lists, recipes, meal prep instructions w/some recommended exercise guidance.  Regular check-ins, reminders and informational interaction is included-$65

What’s Included

  • Well outlined & sustainable clean eating meal plans 
  • Access to top-notch performance plans designed to produce RESULTS 
  • Performance plan modifications based on your initial online assessment 
  • Ability to log-in and view your own program info using the website or app 
  • Encouraged accountability through assessments, check-ins, and habit tracking 
  • On top of all that, I’ll be consistently monitoring your progress inside the program 

“I teach my clients to eventually become independent of me. Great fitness coaching arms you with tools you can use for a lifetime so that you can truly LIVE the best times of your life.”
-The Remedy

  • All I can say is…..LOOK AT MY ARMS!  She got me right together for my wedding.  I’ve been working with Farrah off and on for about 3 years, but I really buckled down to prepare for my wedding which was 5 months out.  With everything I’ve learned from her challenges coupled with our one on one sessions, she took my body to the next level in that 5 months…SERIOUSLY!

    after picture of woman's toned arms
    Evelyn S.
  • Thank you Farrah/The Remedy!  My husband and I signed up for the 28-day Clean Eating challenge and it was ‘life-changing”.  Together we lost 30lbs – 20 for hubby.  At a recent physical, he was given a clean bill of health with no elevated blood pressure anymore.  If you’re looking to jump-start a healthy eating lifestyle combined with moderate workouts this program is HIGHLY recommended!

    Maria C.
  • This is the beast that has helped me shed 15 pounds in a 28-day challenge!  She has taken me from having gastric issues to having NONE with the meal plan she designed.  The mysterious lump under my arm is disappearing.  My back and shoulder pains are gone!  I lost 8 inches overall and went from being unable to do one modified pushup to having the ability to do thirty regular pushups.  I went from eating one meal a day and storing fat to eating three meals, three snacks, and having a metabolism that is on fire! From me saying Farrah, I can’t do this to- Farrah I gotta do this.  Are you ready to put in that work?  Get at ya girl!

    weight loss transformation
    Miki M.
  • I extended the DETOX to about eight days to make sure I finished strong.  It was really challenging for the first two days!   On the third day,  I had more energy than I have had in a really long time.  I lost 6 lbs. in just eight days.  It is a push, but so worth it.  I feel so much lighter and more rejuvenated!  If you are considering the DETOX, please do it!  I guarantee you will not regret it.

    Stacia G.
  • This journey of the 28-Day Clean Eating Challenge has opened my eyes to so many things naturally and spiritually.  I’m learning to eat to live and not live to eat.  I used to hear that phrase often, and now I know just what it means.  I have been neglecting myself physically and now because of this challenge amongst other things, I believe in taking care of myself inside and out.  I want to take time out to say…. Farrah Bledsoe, thank you so much.  This season of my life and our time together means so much.  I will forever be grateful to you, you are my SHERO!

    Donna B.