Get Inspired


Whether you decide to start hitting the gym to just feel better or drop sixty pounds, you have to get your head in the game in order to be successful.  It takes commitment and discipline to achieve any goal, and the stresses of life usually do get in the way at some point.  It’s so necessary to understand how your mindset is related to your ability to start and stick with a lifestyle change and fitness journey.  It truly requires a commitment to self, and habits are especially hard to break as we get older.

During the initial consultation, I try my best to make a proper assessment of whether a client is ready to take me on as his/her trainer.  My techniques are tough, as they should be with any great trainer, and I understand the mental connection or disconnection that happens when clients either achieve results or don’t.  I’m here to be the voice that keeps you inspired and motivated to reach your end goal.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I have an awesome team of people that I reach to when I need redirection and encouragement.  One of those people is my long-time friend and life coach, Sheryl Shields.  Sheryl injects so much positivity into the lives of others.  Whenever someone asks me how I stay motivated, I can almost always reflect on a dose of inspiration that she’s given me throughout my journey, which is why I often times look to her for mindset direction that I can bring back to you. That in itself is a blessing, a blessing that I’m willing to share with you! Check her out.

If you feel like you’re ready to make that change, but you’re just not sure how to begin….give me a shout so that Sheryl and I can set some time aside to make sure that happens for you!



Another recommendation I’d like to make is a book called “Rejection Saved My Life”.  The book was written by a young woman who has successfully battled depression. She’s gone through the grueling process of recognizing and minimizing her role in allowing rejection to influence unhealthy decisions. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and would encourage you to download it.