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I’ve worked extremely hard at nurturing this passion for over 17 years.  I service a predominantly female clientele and have enjoyed watching women display a completely different attitude and air of confidence after being styled.   My experience began behind the chair in a small salon, which provided the foundation and incentive toward owning and operating my own establishment for 10 years. Within that journey, I’ve styled entire bridal parties for elite weddings, contestants for the Miss Illinois and Miss Teen USA pageants, and beautiful models for brand advertisements such as ORS.  The most exciting moment in my career has been taking 1st place for Chicago in the Miss Clairol Go for Pro coloring competition in 2012.

My dedication to my twin boys fueled my decision to spend less time in the salon and forego ownership because of the long hours.  However, I still commit my talent and my skill to an exclusive clientele two days out of the week.  My priority will always be the health of your hair, but I don’t fall short of staying knowledgeable about trends and styling techniques that keep my clients happy.

  • Farrah has been more than a Remedy.  She motivates me, encourages me, teaches me, and is a huge part of the positivity I am constantly pursuing in my life.  We all write our own stories and having Farrah be a part of my story and the vision I have for my life is a blessing.  She ROCKS my hair EVERY single time.  She MASTERMINDS my exercise routines just for me and she is one of my closest friends.  The REMEDY – Farrah is EVERYTHING!

    Melissa J
  • Farrah has the strength of a lion and is such an inspiration.  She is a triple threat! She’s creative and can color and cut to compete with the best in the industry.  In addition to all that, she is a beast at training your body to do things I didn’t know I was capable of.  But most of all she is an awesome mother.  When she was told she could not, and her boys would not –  she said SORRY, I will, I can, and she did!

    Andretta K.
  • I’ve been going to this young lady for over 10yrs, and I have always received excellent hair care and service.  Very rarely do you find a stylist that provides you with healthy hair, fabulous looking hair, and gets you out in a timely manner.  She’s very professional and has a wonderful soul.

    Glenda A
  • Farrah, you always do an Amazing job.  Even when I’m trying to be Faith Evans blonde, you bring me back to reality and I’m always happy.  You make the drive so worth it.

    Jennifer A
  • Farrah allows me to have confidence in whatever she does to my hair.  She keeps my style age appropriate and I’m constantly approached with the question of who cuts and styles my hair.  I carry her business card at all times.

    Vanessa M
  • She has GOLDEN HANDS!!  I never have to say what I want.  She is the only person in the world who can do whatever she wants to my hair.  Her eye for color amazes me!  Every stage of every haircut is “cuter” and better than the day before.  She makes hair management a breeze for me!!

    Mandy N


Do you style natural hair?

I help my clients maintain the health and integrity of their natural curl pattern while providing cutting and coloring services, rod setting and twist outs as well as safe straightening with heat. I do not perform styling services such as braids and locks.

I’m going to stop relaxing my hair; how long will it take for me to be completely natural?

Keep in mind that this will depend on the current length of your hair and your ultimate goal. If you choose not to undergo the “big CHOP’, which ultimately removes the majority of the relaxed hair, you are essentially replacing an entire head of hair. Hair grows at a rate of ½ inch per month for the average person. So again, depending on the length of your hair it can take anywhere between 6 months to a couple of years to completely grow out of a relaxer and be considered completely natural.

Will braids take my hair out?

If the technique is performed correctly with the least amount of tension possible and there are no sensitivities or allergies to any hair that may be added in, you should not experience hair loss. Sometimes a client coming our of braids may panic when she sees a large amount of hair shedding immediately after the removal of braids that have been in over a period of time. This shedding is just an accumulated amount of hair that would normally be lost through daily shedding.

Are sew-ins safe?

The same applies here as with braiding. Because of the tension and length of time these types of styles are left in place, hair thinning and follicle damage is always a risk with repeated application.

Am I using too much heat on my hair?

There are a few ways to know this:
Your ends are frayed, dry and/or thin
You have breakage each time you comb your hair
Your hair smells of heat
You have more than a few fly-aways

I have short hair; will a Keratin treatment work for me?

Keratin treatments require the usage of heat to seal the product onto the hair shaft. There has to be enough hair to properly seal and straighten in order for the treatment to be effective. If my client maintains a style that requires regular haircuts, I do not recommend the investment keratin treatments require. There are other alternatives for taming and straightening.

Which products do you use and/or recommend?

I care for a wide variety of hair textures, so what I recommend depends on your own texture. The products I keep in my arsenal consist of various items from lines such as Amika, Essations, Chi, Schwarzkopf, KeraCare, Kenra, and Matrix, and Clairol Professional.

Allow Me To Style You!

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