Being an extremely busy mother of twin boys, I understand the importance of staying healthy due to the physical demands of my own life.  I’ve faced a multitude of challenges, and I can definitely identify exercise as my main source of stress relief.  It just helps me channel negative energy and focus on recognizing my ability to produce positive outcomes.

One of my twins has cerebral palsy, but he also has the tenacity and heart of his mother, so we successfully push through some extremely tough times. Ensuring optimum mobility and independence for him serves as a huge incentive for my knowledge of the human movement system.  As your fitness coach, I put everything I am and everything I continuously learn into my sessions with you to help you reach your goals.  My approach and training concepts are grounded in a solid commitment to helping my clients attain and maintain functional strength, muscle development, weight management, and confidence in their ability to perform.


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  • All I can say is…..LOOK AT MY ARMS!  She got me right together for my wedding.  I’ve been working with Farrah off and on for about 3 years, but I really buckled down to prepare for my wedding which was 5 months out.  With everything I’ve learned from her challenges coupled with our one on one sessions, she took my body to the next level in that 5 months…SERIOUSLY! 

    t row form
    Evelyn S.
  • After several Fitbits, countless diets, and many “you are just getting older” comments, I knew I had to seek out a different outlet.  One that would be effective, allow me to see results and feel good again.  I found this outlet through Farrah.  She is invested in you from day one!  Unlike other trainers I’ve had in the past that simply ask you what you are looking for then immediately throw you on a treadmill…Farrah sat down with me, assessed my lifestyle and then created an individualized plan for me.  Although I work extremely hard when I meet with Farrah, it’s worth every challenging second.  She has provided me with the insight about how MY body works and above all her approach is kind and patient.  Each session is packed with intensity and she’s teaching you about “the why” the entire time.  She will change your life…I know she’s changed mine.

    Cathy P.
  • This is the beast that has helped me shed 15 pounds in a 28-day challenge!  She has taken me from having gastric issues to having NONE with the meal plan she designed.  The mysterious lump under my arm is disappearing.  My back and shoulder pains are gone!  I lost 8 inches overall and went from being unable to do one modified pushup to having the ability to do thirty regular pushups.  I went from eating one meal a day and storing fat to eating three meals, three snacks, and having a metabolism that is on fire! From me saying Farrah, I can’t do this to- Farrah I gotta do this.  Are you ready to put in that work?  Get at ya girl!

    weight loss transformation
    Miki M.
  • I extended the DETOX to about eight days to make sure I finished strong.  It was really challenging for the first two days!   On the third day,  I had more energy than I have had in a really long time.  I lost 6 lbs. in just eight days.  It is a push, but so worth it.  I feel so much lighter and more rejuvenated!  If you are considering the DETOX, please do it!  I guarantee you will not regret it.

    Stacia G.
  • This journey of the 28-Day Clean Eating Challenge has opened my eyes to so many things naturally and spiritually.  I’m learning to eat to live and not live to eat.  I used to hear that phrase often, and now I know just what it means.  I have been neglecting myself physically and now because of this challenge amongst other things, I believe in taking care of myself inside and out.  I want to take time out to say…. Farrah Bledsoe, thank you so much.  This season of my life and our time together means so much.  I will forever be grateful to you, you are my SHERO!

    Donna B.
  • Farrah has been more than a Remedy.  She motivates me, encourages me, teaches me, and is a huge part of the positivity I am constantly pursuing in my life.  We all write our own stories and having Farrah be a part of my story and the vision I have for my life is a blessing.  She ROCKS my hair EVERY single time.  She MASTERMINDS my exercise routines just for me and she is one of my closest friends.  The REMEDY – Farrah is EVERYTHING!

    Melissa J


What can I expect during my consultation?

Your initial consultation with me will consist of a conversation in which we discuss your goals, any physical limitations or health concerns you may have, your current eating habits and exercise history.  From there I will do a brief body assessment (if desired) to provide a starting point and measure your progress.  We will then proceed to the exercise portion in which I analyze your cardiovascular endurance, upper body strength, lower body strength, and core strength.  This will help me either structure your personal workouts in a one-on-one environment or make modifications for you in the group environment.

A consultation may be booked using the SCHEDULE NOW link on the page.

How do I participate in group training?

GROUP is currently full and clients are being placed on a wait-list, but sessions meet every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 5:30 PM.  All three of these days are available to group participants at their convenience.  They may choose to participate in all three days per week, or just one day until all 24 sessions are used at which time you have the option of renewing.

If you’d like to purchase the group training package you must contact me directly.  You do have the option to just drop-in on any of these days by using the link in Special Offers to pay the $20 drop-in fee and schedule your day or by simply contacting me via email or phone.

How do I sign up for the challenges you offer?

There will usually be a link included in special offers for the most current challenge.  You can also scroll down to find a registration link in My Remedies that will list details associated with the particular challenge you’re looking for.  Click the registration link and BOOM – you’re done!

Are your programs only designed for women?

Absolutely NOT! I don’t design my programs specific to any group or gender. Everything I design for an individual is based on his or her goals and needs.  While my area of expertise is strengthening and conditioning, followed up by nutrition and weight loss, I am well-equipped to provide fitness coaching for a wide range of individuals.  I’ve worked with the middle-aged male/female fitness enthusiast, the young athlete in need of periodization, the veteran suffering from PTSD looking to regain his strength and confidence, the senior needing to work on his/her balance, posture, and those in need of regaining optimal function of their muscle groups.

How much do you charge per training session?

An individual training session is priced at $30 for 30-minutes.  I offer several training packages that reduce your cost per session with an upfront commitment.  This also helps me design a better program for you through the commitment of consistent training versus short sporadic periods of exercise.  I want absolute success for my clients.  Feel free to read over the next FAQ which gives more detail in regard to pricing.

How are you personal training packages priced?


Below are the rates of packages offered:


  • Individual 30-minute session – $30  (2 sessions weekly or less)
  • Weekly – $75 (minimum of 3 sessions weekly)
  • Light & Tight – $200 (8 sessions) / Regular price $240
  • Shape Shifters – $295 (12 sessions) / Regular price $360
  • Locked ‘N Loaded – $575 (24 sessions) / Regular price $720 

Groupie – $285

Become a “Groupie” for a fraction of the cost!

(personal training in a group setting)

*sessions meet Tues, Wed & Thu @ 5:30pm each week*

Why are your sessions only 30-minutes?

If no one understands the value of time these days, I most certainly do!  Most people don’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym.  As a matter of fact, it is the number one given reason for why people don’t exercise.  I can definitely relate to that, so I wanted to design my workouts with that in mind.  Extensive studies have shown that short bouts of intense exercise are just as effective – if not more effective- than longer ones. It’s all about the energy you’re willing to exert.   Trust me, my workouts don’t lack in intensity or effectiveness by any means.  You WILL work just as hard, if not harder, in a shorter period of time.  However, the option to train with me for one hour each session is also available.

How can I get rid of my belly?

I’m asked this question a countless number of times. I’m sure you’ve heard that fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Well, this is the absolute truth. Belly fat is usually shed through a healthy balanced diet consisting of good amounts of fiber from complex carbs, plenty of water and sufficient cardiovascular exercise.  Keep in mind that certain things like surgery, loss of normal hormone levels, and genetics all play a part in how easy or difficult it is to lose or gain weight.  While it is a great goal to shed that belly fat,  try to focus more on total body fat loss and building a strong core than achieving a six pack.  Not everyone will have the ripped abs you see some fitness buffs flaunting, and that’s OK.

Do your training plans include meal plans or nutritional guidance?

In-person fitness coaching is not inclusive of nutritional coaching.   However, all of my online coaching programs are comprised of a meal plan.  Realistically, not every single client will require nutritional guidance, but most need some form of redirection.   I am always willing to offer some verbal assistance or advice at no additional charge to my in-person clientele, but an individualized nutrition plan is need-based and priced accordingly.

I want to lose 20 pounds in 30 days; can you get me there?

There are 3500 calories in 1 pound. In order for anyone to lose weight, the amount of energy (food) consumed and the amount of energy (activity) used by the body has to result in a caloric deficit. Losing weight at this rate would require dropping almost ¾ of a pound or burning 2,345 calories per day. This is more calories than the average person is even recommended to take in on a daily basis. Not to say that it is impossible, but I would never recommend anyone attempt to lose weight at this rate or by means of crash dieting. It wreaks havoc on the metabolism, places unnecessary strain on other systems of the body, and the results are usually not sustainable. If you’re looking for longevity and trying to create healthy lifestyle habits, slow and steady almost always wins the race.


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