She proudly introduces herself as Farrah Felice Bledsoe,  the youngest of three siblings who regularly teeters between fierce tomboy and extreme girly girl.   Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, she grew up playing “killer man” (a street version of football) and dancing in neighborhood talent shows.   With her siblings being quite a few years older, she gravitated towards older crowds which groomed what some may call an “old soul”.  From that, she developed a keen sense of individuality and leadership.  On the flip side of the coin shines her femininity which is usually displayed through her nurturing spirit, love of cooking, caring for others, and making a home. Somehow, they all seem to lend well to The Remedy Group brand. Infatuated with the idea of being her own boss and exploring her creative nature, Farrah began pursuing a career in cosmetology in 2000. Her experience as a stylist would evolve into salon ownership and the foundation for the brand, which began as Remedy Salon.

Beginning with the death of her father in 2006, she experienced a consecutive series of major personal losses and traumas.  Having very little time to recover from one painful event before another one would hit, she began fighting to find a source of relief for all of the frustration and turmoil that was happening to and around her.  In 2010 Farrah decided to join a gym as a way to relieve stress.  She developed a good rapport with a few of the trainers at the gym and would cook for them in exchange for personal training sessions.  The exposure gave her the opportunity to learn A LOT about technique and different training styles.  Watching her own body change, and witnessing the flexibility of her mind in the midst of it all became intoxicating.  It was then that her love affair with fitness began, hence the numbers “2010” hidden in the logo for the brand.

Before tragically losing the father of her identical twin boys in August of 2013, Farrah acted as the behind the scenes business manager for his personal training studio founded in mid-2012.  Faced with the responsibility of being a single parent, she took the love she had for fitness and began constructing an extension of the Remedy Salon brand which you now know as The Remedy P.T.  In the last five years, her focus has been using her platform to plant seeds of health, wellness, positivity, growth, and self-development. In addition to an extensive 18-year resume as a licensed cosmetologist, she’s worked hard to obtain a degree in business management and several professional fitness certifications. She soon realized the cohesiveness of both industries and how her work behind the chair allowed her to impact someone in the gym. In 2017, she restructured her brand to represent and encompass her total vision of merging her crafts by renaming her company as The Remedy Group, Inc.  This ultimately led to the opening of her personal training based fitness studio – TRG Exclusive Fit Club & Salon – in the summer of 2019.

Farrah has been no stranger to adversity and has overcome several challenges throughout her own life.  Helping others to look and feel their best is at the core of everything she does personally and professionally.  She’s a tiny package of ambition, drive, compassion, strength, and heart who works incredibly hard to secure a bright future for her two boys.
She uses her knowledge of how the body and brain respond to movement in order to assist in her son’s daily therapy. Dayton was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 13 months old as a result of injuries suffered from prematurity. He has the same heart and determination of his parents and he also has an awesome brother, Dylan, who keeps him on his toes.

Her knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and her love to cook all serve as tools to help create phenomenal content for her extensive clientele.  She shares her experiences to help people understand the mental and physical benefits of exercise.  She wants everyone to know that sometimes pursuing overall health and wellness can mean the difference between living and simply existing. She turned her pain into her passion and her passion became her purpose.  Farrah has only begun to touch the surface of her potential, and she’s here to share it with you!